Size Guide

Size guide

Getting the perfect fit for your Crown is key to rocking it with style and confidence. There is two things to consider when choose your size: your head circumference and the volume of your hair. 

Head circumference
Hair volume
No hair / Short Hair/ Straight Hair
Fit Most 
Locs / Big Volume

elastic on the back malka london

Your Crown has an elastic band on the back which allow it to stretch. 


head circumference measurement malka london


How to measure your head circumference?

To get the measurement for your head circumference, follow these steps:

1. Starting at the center of your forehead, pull the tape measure back behind one ear util it reaches the nape of your neck.

2. Pull it around the nape of your neck over your other ear.

3. Bring the ends of tape measure to meet in the center of your hairline at forehead. 

4. Record measurement.