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wear your crown.


Malka London is a wellness brand that offers easy-to-wear and hair-friendly hair accessories made in London for women who want to elegantly cover their hair loss, uplift their outfit with confidence, or protect their energy.

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No Need for Any Particular Talent IN HEADWRAPING

The crown being made up of a bonnet and a long matching band, it will allow you to easily create the shape of headwrap you want.

respect of your hair and scalp

The bonnet is lined with satin which does not dry out or break the hair fiber and does not irritate the scalp for those who are losing their hair.

makes your feel empowered

The Crown supports you in valuing and accepting yourself, as you are beyond our hair.

Protects your energy

Our hair is alive and has an energetic function. Covering your head protects the crown chakra from external interference.

unleashs your creativity

By adding brooches, sewing on some pearls, or wearing a glittery net on top of it, you can truly customize your crown and make it your own.

Connects with thousands of women around the world

Because the next time you see a woman wearing a Crown you know you're part of the same community, the Malka Queens.

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