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Our vision of beauty is to enable every woman to fully embrace and love herself while wearing her crown.

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Limited Edition. Exclusive.

  • Gina Atinuke-Knight, influencer and alopecia advocate

    Bald women don't have a lot of options for adornments other than wigs. I was looking for something comfortable that I can just throw on and look fly. This is a real crown!

    Read her interview 
  • Stephanie, CEO of Badly Lox Boutique

    When I first put my crown on, I felt so amazing! I think this is absolutely stunning, thank you so much!

    Visit her website 
  • Nina Lopes, influencer and breast cancer survivor

    My hair became thinner because of the chemotherapy. This crown makes me feel like a real Queen. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

    Follow her journey on Instagram 
  • Alexandra, founder of the Caribbean cancer charity Les Amazones

    We are so grateful for the crowns that Malka London gave us in Martinique. Our Queens will be so happy!

    Projet Amazones website 
  • Leanne Pero, founder of the breast cancer charity Black Women Rising

    How luck am I to have one of these amazing bonnets in my favorite colour named after me. Thank you Malka London for donating a batch of crowns to our women of our charity Black Women Rising.

    Black Women Rising website 
  • Klem & Marine, founder of ChapChap app

    We love how the Crowns make us feel! Such a genious idea to make such an easy headwrap.

    Discover their app for natural hair care 
  • Mel, founder and CEO of HOLYMANE BOX

    I have a lot of hair so it's nice to be able to put this on my head and be read in no time. I love my crown!

    HOLYMANE BOX Website 
  • Sonisha

    I have alopecia and I love the colour of my crown so much. I got home and tried it on and love it even more!

  • Lise

    Women with alopecia should know that this is an option! I am so happy with my crown, it's very comfortable and light. I love it!

  • Roxane

    I love how versatile the Crown is. I can use by itself or with the band alone.

  • Sandrine

    I never knew how to tie a headwrap before until I found Malka London on Instagram. I am so happy with my crown, thank you!

  • Daneka

    I love my wrap, I had seen this on TikTok so I bought online and went to pick up I bought a large in Rio and I’m so pleased with how it looks. This combo has changed the game!

  • Chloé

    Thank you for my beautiful crown, I am embracing it everywhere I go!

  • Eden

    I won the giveaway with Black Women Rising, a charity that support women of color during breast cancer. From the bottom of my heart I'd like to say thank you for the crown. It gave me comfort, peace, and I know that I am loved by all the sisters out there!

  • Nirina

    Thank you so much for my crown! You are exactly how I imagined, an inspiring and sparkling woman who I'd love to collaborate with to bring your crown to Réunion Island and the Caribbean! Amazing experience at the NHA.

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what you need to know


What is The Crown?

The Crown is a unique headpiece that consists of a satin-lined turban and matching band that allows you to create an infinite number of hairstyles.

It is made from the highest quality of Duchess Satin for the lining which is the best way to keep your hair and scalp protected from dryness or itchiness.

The shell fabric will depend on the design, mostly viscose or cotton. We will have a variety of textures to give character to each Crown.

How do I style my Crown?

How do I wash my Crown?

Your Crown are handmade from high quality fabrics which mean that they have to be handle with care.

We recommend you to machine wash your bonnet inside out, with the satin lining on the outside, at cold temperatures to preserve the colour and print.

Air dry your bonnet only.

You can steam the bonnet itself and iron the band.

Is it cultural appropriation if I want to wear The Crown but I am not a Black Woman?

A lot of white women are curious about the Crown and really want to wear it as a fashion accessory that will protect their hair, and they wonder if it would offend anyone if they were wearing it.

The Crown was initially created to protect our founder's textured hair. However, with time we realized how useful and needed the Crown was for every woman, especially the one going through hair loss for different reasons.

So our answer is very simple: the Crown is not about culture, it is about protecting our hair in the most fashionable way.

We all have our reasons why we wear our Crown and if anyone tells you something about cultural appropriation, they are just ignorant of this one!

Every woman deserves to wear their Crown.

How do the pre orders work?

All our Crowns are available in limited quantities, if you want to make sure to have yours when it is released, you can now save it by paying it partially.

We aim to ship your Crown within 30 days from when you place your order.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at contact@malkalondon.com

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We deliver everywhere in the world. At the moment, the shipping rates for Europe are from £5 and from £15 for Canada, USA, and the Caribbean.

Our goal is to make our Crowns accessible worldwide for everywhere and we are working hard to find the best shipping solution at the best price possible.

Can I exchange my Crown if it is too tight or too large?

If your Crown is too tight or too large, you can exchange it. Simply send us an email at contact@malkalondon.com and we will arrange to send you a new one, depending on the available stock.

Please note that the return is at your expense.