Hairneedling: The New Secret for Hair Growth?

Hairneedling: The New Secret for Hair Growth?

Le Cocon Capillaire is more than just a space dedicated to the beauty of textured hair; it's a warm and welcoming haven located in the Northeast sector of Martinique. It was created with passion by Mely, also known as Holymane, a certified Afro hair coach. Her ultimate goal is to empower Martinican women to take care of their natural hair and help them reveal their authentic beauty.

To achieve this, Mely has developed an innovative method called the Holymane Method. This comprehensive approach focuses on understanding the fundamental concepts, techniques, products, and essential practices for textured hair care. Le Cocon Capillaire offers a holistic experience with its personalized hair care box, individual coaching sessions, and hair care workshops. Always eager to go further in her support, in 2023, Mely decided to launch new services, including those focused on hair regrowth using the Hairneedling technique.


But what is Hairneedling?

Hairneedling is a minimally invasive technique used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. By creating micro-perforations on the scalp, this method stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, strengthening hair follicles. The benefits of Hairneedling for the scalp are numerous:

1. Stimulation of blood circulation: The micro-perforations created by needles promote blood circulation in the scalp, improving the oxygenation of hair follicles, crucial for hair growth.

2. Increased collagen production: Scalp Microneedling can stimulate the production of collagen, a key protein for skin and hair health, thus promoting hair growth.

3. Enhanced absorption of hair products: Micro-perforations facilitate the absorption of topical products like hair serums, strengthening hair and promoting its growth.

4. Reduction of inflammation: Scalp Microneedling helps reduce inflammation on the scalp, which is beneficial for individuals with inflammatory scalp conditions, such as seborrheic dermatitis.

5. Regeneration of hair follicles: Preliminary results suggest that Scalp Microneedling may contribute to the regeneration of damaged hair follicles, offering hope to those facing hair loss.

6. Thickening of existing hair: This technique can also contribute to thickening existing hair, giving the appearance of denser hair.

It's important to note that the results of Scalp Microneedling can vary from person to person, and several treatment sessions are usually required to achieve significant results. It is strongly recommended to consult with a hair health professional or dermatologist to assess whether Scalp Microneedling is suitable for your specific situation and to discuss potential benefits and risks.


Why wear a crown during the treatment?

For lasting results, it is recommended to undergo a course of six sessions. Premature cessation of mechanical stimulation could slow down or compromise hair regrowth. During this period, wearing an accessory like the Malka London Crown is highly relevant. Since the scalp is fragile and sensitive, its satin lining prevents further irritation.

Here are four reasons to wear a Crown during your treatment:

1. Protection against the sun: It is advisable to avoid sun exposure after a Scalp Microneedling session. Malka London Crowns can provide additional protection by covering your scalp and preventing UV rays from damaging the newly treated skin.

2. Concealing redness: After a Scalp Microneedling procedure, it's common to have temporary redness on the scalp. If you prefer to keep these redness discreet, a Malka London Crown can visually conceal it, allowing you to resume your daily activities more easily.

3. Comfort and warmth: Malka London Crowns can also offer comfort by protecting your scalp from external elements. Moreover, they can keep your head warm in cold weather.

4. Absorption of hair products: If your professional recommends applying hair products after a Scalp Microneedling session, a Malka London Crown can help keep these products in place and prevent them from spreading, thanks to its non-absorbent satin lining.

It is strongly advised to consult with your healthcare professional or the practitioner who performed the Scalp Microneedling session to receive specific guidance on how to care for your scalp after the procedure, including the use of turbans or other accessories. Your hair well-being is a priority, and Le Cocon Capillaire is here to accompany you on this journey to achieving healthy textured hair.


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