At Malka London, we believe that identity is a tapestry woven from diverse threads, and each thread tells a unique story. Our journey begins with Sashaa, formerly known as Charlotte Ismael, a remarkable woman whose life and experiences have shaped the essence of the brand.

Sashaa, raised in Paris, embodies a rich blend of Martinican and Sephardic Jewish heritage. Fuelled by a passion for fashion, she began her journey with a Professional A-Level in Sewing at 15, diving into the intricacies of garment making. Seeking broader horizons, she transitioned to Accounting and Business Management, graduating with honours, before immersing herself in New York's vibrant Afro-American culture.

Returning to Paris, Sashaa pursued studies in Aesthetics and Cosmetics, balancing her academic pursuits with work in prestigious restaurants. Eager for new challenges, she ventured to Hackney, London, where a fortuitous lockdown led to the birth of "Protect But Make It Fashion." This endeavour blossomed with the creation of "The Crown", addressing her struggles with her curly hair.

Sashaa's entrepreneurial spirit soared as she showcased her creations at international fairs, culminating in the rebranding of her venture to "Malka London," symbolizing empowerment. Committed to global outreach, she aspires to empower women through her brand while supporting cancer organizations.

Driven by a quest for knowledge, Sashaa aims to further her education with an MBA in London, leveraging her experiences to elevate her brand. Her journey epitomizes resilience, creativity, and a steadfast dedication to making a meaningful impact in the world.