My Story


Malka London is a brand founded by the daring Charlotte Sashaa Brown born to a Martinican mother and a Sephardic Jewish father. Growing up, the young woman very quickly became intoxicated with a passion for fashion at the age of 15. She pursued her studies with a professional A Level in sewing but found that the sector did not offer very few opportunities, she is then moving towards accounting and administrative management of business.

Passionate about black American culture, it's in New York let her put down her suitcases in order to perfect her English. Hungry for new adventures, it is today in London that the "Queen" to the imperial crowns has been living for 3 years, still full of ambition, she is about to return to live in Martinique as part of its brand expansion.

What is fashion for you? Is it necessary?
Fashion is a way to express one's individuality. That's why I created my "faces"
masks" during the first lockdown, I could no longer bear the aesthetics of these as well as their color, too depressing! My first brand was named "Protect But Make It Fashion" was a way of saying that we can stay stylish even in times of pandemic.
Thanks to my confections, I was able to do well, the masks represented for me
an amazing opportunity! First by creating my own thing, then aware of my potential I diversified my creations and started the sale via my social networks. 9 months later, I was commissioned to create 500 custom masks for a
major Nigerian comic brand named Kugali. The profits then allowed me to launch a unique concept: the crown.

How would you define the style of your creations?
Elegance, comfortable, empowering.

What are your influences ?
Me, but also every woman I meet, because each crown represents a
personality and it must suit "the Queen" who wears it. My concept allows all beauties to assert themselves, from afro hair curly, locs or a woman who has lost her hair following an illness such as cancer, my creations are personalized and adapted to each of them.

Has your culture had an impact on the design of your creations?
Yes and no. In Martinique, the Maré tèt (creyol way of a headwrap) culture is very popular and has existed since slavery. However, when I invented the crown I did it first of all from a personal need because I wanted to vary my hairstyles, and have the possibility of expressing my beauty in a different way, I wanted something quick that would make me look beautiful and stylish in no time !