The ease and beauty of headwraps

The ease and beauty of headwraps

Hiya, everyone. This week I'm coming to you with a short blog on headwraps. I'm a firm believer that women with central centrifugal cicatricial (CCCA) need a backup for days when our hair isn't looking the way we want it to. There could be many reasons for that, not the least of which are:

  • Topical medications have gunked up our hair and scalp.
  • We couldn't style our hair due to burning, pain, or itching.
  • Bald spots have surfaced or spread and we're feeling self-conscious.
  • We need a bit of energetic protection because navigating this condition is hard.

Personally, I'm not a fan of wigs because they irritate my scalp, so I've been getting more and more into headwraps. I like them because they're easy, they look good, and when I use the right material, they allow my hair and scalp to breathe.

If you're interested in wearing a headwrap but don't know how to style it, here are a few videos that can help:

I mainly wear the basic style, and to create the illusion of volume, I put a soft T-shirt on the top of my head and wrap the fabric around it. You could also use a "wrap base" like this one by Fanm Djanm. (They also sell headwrap fabric).

If you want something ready-made that creates the illusion of volume without wearing anything on top of your head, I recommend Malka London's satin-lined crowns. I had the opportunity to meet the creator of this headwrap during a CCCA support group meeting. I purchased her Jada crown and it's my favorite headwrap.

If you opt to try a headwrap, let me know how it goes. And if you come across other fun styles to wear, please drop a video link in the comments so we can have even more options.

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you grace on this journey,



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