Alopecia: How about adopting the Crown?

Alopecia: How about adopting the Crown?

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Losing your hair, a disaster
Whatever the reasons that caused it, alopecia is a tragedy when it happens, especially in a woman. The hair that stays on the brushes, in the shower, on the clothes, all this fills us with anxiety, each hair that leaves, it's a bit of your physical body that goes. It feels like you’re breaking into small pieces. It gives us a gash in the face: it's the only thing we see in the mirror.
The wig, a solution?
The first solution that comes to mind is the wig. Indeed, it is a simple solution, rather quick to on and style your hair. It almost feels like you regained a part of yourself. Manufacturers have made efforts in recent years and you can find something for almost everyone, even tho good quality wigs are very expensive and hard to find. Not to mention that we must be able to support it beyond a certain time! 
The magic Crown of Malka London.
malka london headwrap
Sonisha, Queen with alopecia wearing her crown 
Sashaa the founder of Malka London wants to crown every woman, no matter what their hair texture, because they're all Queens. (By the way, Malka is a Hebrew term meaning Queen 😉) She had designed the Crown first for her, to shelter her abundant curly hair. Then women with the same type of puffy hair wanted to adopt it, and little by little all types of women got into it.
But it was especially her mother who found the crown interesting for women who are losing their hair, especially in the context of cancer treatment.
A crown that magnifies the face
No sooner said than done: Sashaa contacted the charities Black Women Rising in London, UK and Les Amazones in Martinique and donated them crowns for their members. Malka London made its mission to do its bit to help women gain back their self-confidence in such dramatic times. The brand has participated in several events of the charities, which had even devoted interviews about their Crowns in their annual magazines.
The term Crown emphasizes that every woman is a Queen, whatever her state of health, the state of her hair, or her ethnicity, … every woman wears it with particular elegance.
The possibility of using the wide band to make a multiplicity of hairstyles is really a significant asset that gives allure and sophistication to any outfit. 
A sophisticated, high-end accessory
The crown is made up of a luxuriously soft satin lining, combined with a long strip of band that allows multiple hairstyles from the same combo. 
The materials range from the lightest (voile, light cotton, etc.) to thicker fabrics, with greater hold, it all depends on the desired effect.
The prints are varied and change regularly: floral prints, stripes, and plain colours.
The latest collection consisted of plain prints in pastel shades.
It's up to you to choose the one that will highlight the features and beauty of your face.
With your crown on, your alopecia does not stop you from having a sophisticated and elegant look, from feeling beautiful and confident, as if nothing had happened.

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