The Kugali Collaboration

2020 marked the beginning of a new adventure for Protect, But Make It Fashion: the collaboration with brands and companies. It all started with Kugali, an African entertainment brand, that desired to create their own face masks inspired by their universe. 
Kugali is a Nigerian entertainment company that transformed the world of comics by creating arts and animations inspired by African mythology. Their successful books are distributed all over the world which allows them to grow in notoriety. But their accomplishments don’t stop here: Kugali announced at the beginning of the year that they will be collaborating with Disney on a new animated series called Iwàjù. 
In Autumn 2020, the brand started a Kickstarter campaign to finance the cost for the production of the second volume of their comics books, Nani. in exchange for their donation, Kugali commits themselves to reward their supporters with special items, including custom face masks.
The team choose Protect, But Make It Fashion to make their vision comes to life. 


From a 3D mockup that we agreed on together, we took care of the rest so they can focus on their campaign. We design their own pattern to be print on the fabric, we personalize the label placed on the side of the face masks, and we choose a recyclable customizable pouch for the packaging. After 3 weeks of intense work, we successfully produce the 500 units ordered that reflect perfectly the fusion between Kugali and Protect, But Make It Fashion. 


Want to create your own face masks for your fans, supporters or customers? Get in touch with us and let us know your vision.