Our story

Charlotte Sashaa

My name is Charlotte but people call me Sashaa. I am 27 years old when I write this. I'm French Caribbean with Jew heritage, I'm an Aquarius and a free spirit. I was thinking about my story and how I got here and the answer is Life. Today, I am taking advantage of this platform to share part of my story and to tell you know to never give up on your faith, on believing in your dreams. Who knows where this adventure will go but I hope I will make the difference in the life of others.

Charlotte Sashaa - In my room doing my first face masks

I started my brand Protect But Make It Fashion in my room in Hackney during the first lockdown. I saw in face masks a new way of living and I wanted to make sure that my personality will be expressed despite not showing off my face anymore. I wanted something unique that represented my individuality. With my last 100£, I bought myself a sewing machine. My best friend Tolly was in a fabric store at the time so she gave me few meters of fabrics for free so I could start production. That’s how I started to sell face masks on my Instagram that my friends and family supported, then other people.

Protect But Make It Fashion

I was working part-time at the time but still made sure to devote time to improve my product and my brand.


I found in this venture a new way of making money by being creative and I loved it. I didn’t want to give up on it yet so I asked the Universe for help while keeping my faith high. That’s how Kugali came into my life. In September 2020, the Nigerian Entertainment brand were looking for a black designer to create their custom face masks for their Kickstarter campaign and they choose Protect But Make It Fashion to do that. I couldn’t believe that they trust me to bring into reality their 3D drawing.  

Kugali custom face masks 

I had no idea how to make 500 face masks so I contacted my fabric store and they gave me Olga’s number. From there, we started to work together, got closer and built a team of Aquarian. It took us three weeks to take up the challenge and the face masks were perfect! I couldn’t be more grateful to have her by my side in this journey.

 Charlotte Ismael and Olga Cavero

After that, again, I had this feeling that I couldn’t just leave my brand go to waste after such a hard work and I was already looking for a new idea that could fit into the name Protect But Make It Fashion.


At the time, I was in my post-big chop-ugly-mid-length phase and I didn’t know what to do with my hair anymore. In addition to that, the world started to reopen a little bit and I couldn’t be bother! With lockdown, I became very lazy to care for my hair so I needed something quick that I could just throw on and look fly. I always loved head wraps. I loved how women would tie them around and how beautiful it looked on them but I never knew how to do them, it was too much work and it never looked like the tutorial.



That’s how I got the idea of doing a satin bonnet that can be transformed into a headwrap! Don’t get me wrong, this type of product exists already but mostly in America. I couldn’t find anything like this in the UK and the fabric didn’t look really like my style at all. So, I created what I needed and that how the Majestic were born!


We started with Lana, our first print ever. I remember feeling so relief to not have to do my hair anymore. More than that, I realized how powerful and confident I felt when I was walking on the streets. Better, I saw how people looked at me different. I was radiant, beautiful, and fashionable as fuck!


It was me. It was the first time that I show off who I truly was to the world.