Why is satin so good for your hair?

Why is satin so good for your hair?

One of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain the health of your hair is to wear a satin bonnet. In fact, curly textured hair is known for its dryness and ends breakage caused by our environment, chemicals hair products, and hairstyles. To prevent that, satin bonnet becomes a wearable haircare. Here are 4 reasons why:


1. Healthier hair

Did you know that cotton is a moisture-absorbing fabric? When you cover your hair with satin, the fabric acts as a barrier and prevents split ends caused by hair drying out. Your curls stay fresher longer and maintain the moisture produced by the natural oils or added hydration. I promise that you will notice an improvement within the first 2 weeks of wearing it often and see how your hair becomes healthier every day.


2. Prevent breakage  

As we see above, cotton fabrics are moisture-absorbing. They can cause friction when your curls rub against it which will lead to breakage. Satin along with a good hair care regimen prevents this from happening. We want our curls to grow, not break off! 


3. Neater hairstyles 

No more frizzy hair! And even when you have your hair in braids or cornrows, satin will help you keep your hair neat and in place thanks to the smoothing of its texture. 


4. Save your time and your money

Yes, I said it! Because healthier hair is always equal to longer-lasting hairstyle and savings overall!


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