Power to our Sheroes: an empowering letter to you

Power to our Sheroes: an empowering letter to you

By Aisha Deeply Rooted

We are embracing this amazing energy of female positivity all around us and the most beautiful thing is that we are accepting ourselves and shifting that amazing energy to uplift other queens. Whilst we talk about female empowerment, I would love for you to take a moment to clap for yourself and to say out loud how proud of yourself you are, and how much you have had to overcome to be in this amazing positive mindset that you are in. For those who are reading this and feel like they are yet to overcome something trivial, know that you are worthy, you are Queen, and that you have got this!

Conversations about feeling empowered were something that I paid great attention to after we overcame those testing 2 years of lockdown and other events. I started reviving that energy and drive after I saw so many female entrepreneurs come to light after these difficult periods, motherhood was upon me, and sitting back was just not good enough it was time to take a stand and gift the world with the skills and talents we have.

We know about the struggles we have faced historically within society, especially as Black women. We know that we have had to work 10 times harder or if not more than that, compared to the White male or female to reach the heights that we need to feel economically secure or even gain some form of acknowledgment regarding our skills and crafts. 

This I would say, has been such an important motivating factor for us in terms of planning and executing our business mindsets, visions, and dreams. We already have some empowering factors, that have been put into place for us by our ancestors would you agree? We are currently in a beautiful state of going back to the times of our ancestors and reflecting on the struggles of our elders and breaking intergenerational traumas, we keep finding a lot of answers that are helping us build our foundations.

Empowered, Empowering and Empowerment are terms that I could use interchangeably. I tend to use the term empowered more to describe a Queen. I always believe that as an Empowered Queen you already have the tools and gifts that are within you to do amazing things. You are empowered in a way that you would not imagine you are. It is all about doing that inner work and finding the things that make you feel so powerful. I think of it like this, when I pick up a book and learn some knowledge I am empowered, when I cook a meal from scratch and everyone is nourished, I am empowered because I have two gifts, the ability to cook and two the overall satisfaction that comes from it all. Think about it! Think about what makes you feel empowered. To be empowered is all about you.

I take my inspiration from feeling empowered by the many women I come across daily even if it is in passing. I started reflecting on the many Empowered Queens I came across who have transferred that same energy to myself and many other women. Let’s look at Malka London a brand that has designed the most exquisite and majestic crowns for women with all different types of hair and even those with alopecia to feel empowered and beautiful with an array of crowns that can be styled in a way that suits your majesty. Present Your joy, an amazing candle, affirmation, and incense brand that combines self-love and self-care, and empowerment all in one. Enitan Healthy Hair Studios has created a haircare range and has shown us all that yes black hair can and will grow! a brand that empowers women to rock their hair beautifully without harmful chemicals. I could go on about so many of the Empowered Queens I have come across over the past year because of how inspired I am and I am sure many other women can relate. I am inspired by these women and many more, this is the type of motivation we need as sisters to support each other in the best possible way.

Seeing such amazing things inspired me to go back and look into myself and to find the things that motivate me and what I would love to do for women also. As a person who loves history, I have always been inspired by the warrior queens from the past particularly those in Africa and the Sheroes of Haiti. I wanted to implement that energy and  create a sister’s circle that will support and uplift the queens in our community. I present to you Empowered Queens Circle a sister circle that explores different themes every month and a chance to bring sisters together to build a community of sisterhood, trust, and love. 

So where do we all go from here? What is it that we want to achieve? What inspires us and drives us to feel empowered? Do you have an idea that you have been sitting on, but you are not sure whether it is good enough? Listen, Queen, your idea is your vision it is what makes you feel empowered because it is coming from a place of passion, do not sit on your idea, you could inspire a whole new generation who will speak those words of empowerment to a larger audience. 

You are amazing

You are worthy

You are empowered

You are love

You are Queen

With Love

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