My curly hair journey

My curly hair journey

The relationship with our curls is such a special one. It’s like an extension of ourselves. One day we love them, the other we wish they were gone. Sometimes they cooperate like a sign of goodwill, sometimes they don’t and we wonder what made them feel that way. 

It’s a journey to accept and love our curls, especially when you grew up in a world where only straight hair is glorified. 

My name is Charlotte, but you can call me Sashaa. I’m a 27 years old French Caribbean with Sefardi Jew heritage woman. I live in Hackney, London but I grew up in Paris. All my early age, I relaxed my hair and straightened them every morning to make sure nobody could see who I really was. I went to school in a very posh and white school so as a kid I wanted to blend in so I could be accepted. Nobody likes to be different when we are young, so why would I when long blonde hair was defined as beautiful. 



One day I decided that I was done with destroying my hair. In 2010, I discovered Youtube and curly hair women were finally in vogue on Facebook and Instagram. It took me 2 long years and a lot of products and patience to get a full afro. I was so happy with it, making sure that my curly would always be perfect even tho I wasn’t comfortable wearing them at the office. People were fascinated with my Afro, so much that it made me think that was all that was beautiful in me. 


Sometimes I felt like having my big afro but me in a box. Fashion-wise, it was really hard for me to find the style that defined and reflected who I was. I’ve always thought about cutting my hair but was very scared of the idea. In summer 2019, after a very bad brushing (that’s another story - you can check the video here) that literally brunt my hair, I took the leap and cut them! It was the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done in my life. 


I grew up thinking that my curls were all that was beautiful in me I realize that it wasn’t true. I found something so powerful in short hair because people could finally see my face, feel my energy and my aura. I am very grateful for this experience as it was very transformative. 

Today, I am letting my hair fully grow again until my next midlife crisis! I miss my afro and I cannot wait to have it and style it again. But until then, I found it really hard to style my mid-length: everybody says it’s the hardest stage in the journey and I definitely agree! 


The idea of the Majestic Satin Turban-Wrap came to me when I was thinking about the easiest way to style my hair. I’ve always love head wrap and I am fascinated with all the different styles that women can do. Personally, I don’t have the patience nor the skills for doing all this! And I learned that cotton fabric actually is what absorbs the natural moisture of our curls and the friction caused when our curls rub against it is causing a lot of breakages. 


The Satin Turban is so perfect for protecting my curls and is so ideal for lazy days. And I love using the strap as a belt or a scarf sometimes (you know London weather is crazy). I have to say that since I’ve been wearing it my hair have never been so healthy: I don’t touch them as much as I used to which means that I considerably saved money on the products I use. It also uplifted my confidence so much: I can finally show to the world my inner Goddess, the Queen that I am, and show the real me.



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